A know how to live

A know how to live, the pursuit of fashionable women, she has more than one package, otherwise, they can not interpret the style of women in the times. Work, dating, dating, picnic, mountain climbing ... ... so many activities, the need for different nature, a variety of styles to cope with the package. Bag is one of the women's personal items, embodies a woman's taste, identity and status, a good bag to show the unique charm of a woman. Female bag, is the sex classification of luggage derived words. Gender distinctions and limited to women's aesthetics are collectively referred to as handbags. Women's bag is also one of the women's portable decorations. Its function is mainly used to contain items of containers, small to install lipstick, banknotes, large to install luggage and so on. two. (1) according to the classification: wallet, cosmetic bag, evening bag, handbag, shoulder bag, shoulder bag, Messenger bag, travel bag and multi-functional package; (1) 2) according to the material classification: leather bag, PU bag, PVC bag, canvas bag, nylon bag, hand-woven bags, etc .; (3) according to style classification: mainly including handbags, handbags, shoulder bag, , Purse, purse, wrist and so on. (4) by category: fashion casual bag, luggage, sports bags, business bags, evening bags, wallets, key cases, Mummy bags, cosmetic bags, briefcases and so on. 2. According to the classification of foreign generally: WALLET wallet, COSMETIC BAG (cosmetic bag), HANDBAG (handbag) which also includes TOTE (bag), SHOULDERBAG (shoulder bag), wine barrels and so on. three. The main materials are: canvas, leather, PU, ​​PVC, imitation leather, synthetic leather, cotton, linen, denim, fur, Oxford cloth, corduroy, nonwovens, polyester, plastic, nylon cloth Wait. four. Women's bag choice: choose a suitable bag to match your shape, for your overall shape plus a lot of points, on the contrary, choose the wrong bag, not only for your shape by color, but will make modeling look It is very unsuccessful. So women pay attention to clothing at the same time, the choice of bags is also very important. 1, clear type of this type of bag as the name suggests, rich colors rich, lively style, gives a fresh feeling. This type of bag in the spring and summer use more frequently, because this season's color to more light-based color, just with the colorful bag, but this type of bag is best not to choose too large style, Colorful big bag is more suitable for Europe and the United States tall figure and color, Asians is difficult to back the kind of tropical style, so still choose a little better style. 2, stable type of this type of bag is more suitable for office workers, the color to black, coffee, white monochrome or dark check for more. Taking into account the white-collar work need to wear suits, and clothing colors are more black, white, coffee and other dark lines, so the choice of bags in style and details should have a distinctive style, like tassels, rivets, metal chain, mosaic Decoration and other details, can be a dull color to increase the bright spot. 3, casual This bag is more casual, Messenger, backpack, shoulder-based, the most suitable for shopping, picnic when used. This type of bag is generally relatively large, with sufficient capacity, and fabric on the canvas, denim fabric based. And this kind of bag is very suitable for DIY, like the decoration on the bag badge, pendant girls, you can also enjoy your talent with the show. 4, luxury This kind of bag use the opportunity is relatively few, generally applies to the banquet, the dance, the wedding and so on occasion. In the choice of fabric, you can choose silk, beads and other gorgeous shiny material, style and bag to the main package, the best choice for small size, you can show women's dignified and elegant.