my canvas bag

To the scene when moving, dug out of the corner that had not used a long time canvas bag, wet cloth, gently wipe the surface of the floating soil, to see it little by little to restore the original face, Of the warm luster, the mood suddenly as the blue sky outside the window, become clear and clear up.

This is the third suitcase in life, is also the largest suitcase, the past two years has been with my side

When young is very like San Mao's book, see more always in fantasy, thinking about a certain day of the month, like her backpack, took the suitcase, at the station to buy tickets, The distance or disappear in the vast sea of ??people.

That autumn, after the college entrance examination, my mother wore the burning sun from the outside of the shop for me to buy a red with a rod suitcase, the box is also filled with new clothes all year round, that is life The first suitcase. Juvenile dream finally realized, and finally can go to the distance, the heart of the feeling of flying, full of sweet vision. Still remember that a new group of their own pulling it bouncing in the new campus on the boulevard, inadvertently looked back, behind the parents smiling look at their appearance ... ... that box has been accompanied by their own cold to summer for several years Until graduation work.

The second suitcase is what he gave me, the 25-year-old late autumn season, he returned from the Shandong technology, gave me his prize --- a dark green suitcase, stainless steel rod, small and beautiful, box In the secretly sitting in a naive, red nose and black eyes tied knot cartoon gray mouse, open the box that moment, the heart is full of happiness and hope ... ... then about to get married, and in the hands of the hand in addition to love, There are distant tomorrow.

The third suitcase is to buy before Inner Mongolia, with her daughter to buy it from the store when it is for its practicality, large space can be a one-time storage of a lot of clothing. Leaving the house, is in an exposed deep foggy morning, suitcase wheels issued monotonous sound, in the open streets sound lonely and desolate, behind the mother's tears and the wind floating up the white hair, That moment did not dare to look back, for fear that will shake their own into the new world of determination and courage. Get on the train, forbear a long time on the tears that fall off, there are parents, daughters of the dismay, but also some promising little worries. However, some of the way since the choice to go, there is no way to look back, the only thing to do is to make up their minds, down to work hard.

The suitcase was very useful at the beginning, and it was all our possessions. When you go home to visit relatives, on a crowded train, it is a seat. The first year of the first year, in a small rental house, every time to see it, there is a return to the impulse. Move again and again, it is always full of Dangdang ... ...

Until today, when standing on the spacious and spacious dormitory balcony looking at the blue sky every day there are new changes in the construction site, the heart rising from the dream will become true joy and pride, suddenly found that "home" feeling I do not know what Time has long been quietly filled my heart.

Is middle-aged, young dream has long been settled, only to know how far away, read how long. When walking through the long road, so many days, such as fallen leaves scattered behind, suddenly found that many of the original dream is reversible. For example, when young and obsessed with the distance, once the trip, but to restore the melancholy of today's homesickness; now has arrived in the distance, will become the heart of the most reluctant place.